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Pastoralia is a unique Information Centre offering a wide range of activities centred around Torta del Casar cheese.

Pastoralia takes you into the fascinating world of how this wonderful and unusual cheese is made, and the traditions surrounding it.

Children and adults alike can learn something new, or maybe even remember past times.

However, more than this, Pastoralia has been designed to let visitors enjoy themselves, and to enjoy the unrivalled luxury of Torta del Casar.

A visit to Pastoralia starts at a fully-equipped, modern graphics and multi-media museum, with explanations in several languages (Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and German).

The museum takes you on a pleasant journey, guided by lights and sound effects that transport you to the world of cheese-making, the life of a shepherd, the origins of Torta del Casar, and how it was made traditionally.

Visitors can learn, remember, but above all, gain enjoyment from an experience that stimulates all five senses to the full.

We have won the gold medal at the National Cheese Fair in Trujillo (Cáceres) in 1997, 1998 and 2000; we were also runner-up in the section for the best soft cheese in Spain, awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture in June 2001, plus second prize in the 2004 gourmet competition, and have always featured among the runners-up in these competitions held in other years.

Apart from these prizes, we have the trust of the best delicatessens and gourmet restaurants throughout Spain and some other countries, who will willingly endorse the quality of our delicious cheeses.

The sheep's milk Torta we make is special, because the milk comes from our own flocks, which, as it is the main raw ingredient, is subjected to strict quality control. This means that our cheese is supervised by experts and there is only limited production, which is why we have won so many awards during our short existence as cheese-makers.

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