Hermanos Pajuelo


The Company

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This family company was founded in 1990 as a sheep farm. It has produced soft Torta del Casar cheeses since 1996 and was a founding partner in the Torta del Casar Protected Designation of Origin. Hnos. Pajuelo makes cheeses using milk from their own farm which guarantees a homogenous quality and enables strict controls throughout the entire elaboration process.


...“It´s not just any cheese, but a product that has come about almost by chance…..a product elaborated every season and whose secret formula is still unknown….is it from a special ferment? No, that can´t be it because the cheeses and Torta del Casar cheeses come from the same curd…could it be from special atmospheric conditions? This is what the Cáceres shepherds believe since they sometimes say….”today is a day for tortas”…”