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Torta del Casar is a completely natural cheese. It is elaborated by traditional methods, based on raw sheep milk , produced from controlled ranching , contains vegetal rennet and salt, and boasts a ripeness of 60 days. Made of light and thin bark , semilasts, its principal characteristic is its highly creamy texture. The interior cream sometimes manages to spill across the cracks of the bark . Torta del Casar has a unique smell and an intense developed taste that is slightly salty and slightly bitter, which is given by the vegetal rennet.

To enjoy the Torta del Casar cheese completely, it should be tempered two hours before its degustation.

There are many ways of tasting this special cheese , where prestige and tradition join to offer new sensations to the most demanding palate.

Many prestigious cooks have looked for different combinations with Torta del Casar cheese , creating a great variety of recipes.


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